Rates of Pay

Below is a list of the UK Theatre/Union minimum rates.

These are the minima that members of UK Theatre are obliged to pay. Non members can use these as a guideline if that is helpful but are not obliged to pay them unless the theatre they are going to has specified that the rates that they pay must be equivalent to the UK Theatre / Equity minimum. Paying these rates does not allow people to say that they are UK Theatre members or indeed imply that they are members.

UK Theatre/BECTU

UK Theatre/BECTU/EQUITY Theatre Designers

UK Theatre/Equity Choreographers

UK Theatre/Equity Commercial Theatre

UK Theatre/Equity Overseas Touring

UK Theatre/Equity Subsidised Repertory

UK Theatre/Equity Theatre Directors

UK Theatre/MU

SOLT/UK Theatre/Equity Opera & Ballet Agreements

SOLT UK Theatre/ITC/Equity Fight Directors
UK Theatre/Writers 

OTHER Rates - TV Excerpts, BPI MU, Equity Singers Rates

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If you have any queries regarding the rates please contact Emily McDonald, Legal and Employment Relations Administrator on 020 7557 6705 or email emily@soltukt.co.uk